Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams is rocking a pair of purple lace high-thigh cut panties and her ‘in real life’ man is super excited. We met Ashley on a shoot trip to Miami, Florida. She is just the sweetest “good-time girl” we ever met. Her and her dude were both loving the idea of shooting their first every pantyjob scene with us. Ashley, has a fairly big panty collection and my money is on her dude being a closet panty enthusiast.

It didnt take long for these two to get the hang of it. Ashley just goes buck wild for her dude’s big cock. The panties at her disposle only fueled her passion to try everything panty related when cames to getting her man to the point where he just couldnt hold back. Her eye contact unbrideled cock worship just puts this scene over the top in the best way.

The scene was crazy hot from start to finish. We love working with genuine couples. We just sort of give them an idea of what we want to see and let them take it from there. They loved to tease each other and Ashley got very creative with her panties, right up until her man’s cock expoded with, what appeared to be, a never ending stream of cum.

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