Chantelle Skye

Chantelle Skye Pantyjob. Try not to miss the lovely breasts on Ms. Skye as you make your way down to her sexy red lace thongs. Chest heavy, green-eyed blonde, Chantelle Skye mounts up for her very first Panty job.

Naturally shy, this sassy Canadian certainly isn’t afraid to get to the action once her thongs hit the cock. She shows some natural aptitude for working her panties in a dry-humping show not to be missed. Fans of large breasts, thongs and sexy ladies will love this episode as it delivers on every front. It is alawys nice to see the introverted ladies go cock crazy once they get over their nerves. Chantelle is a natural giver and she is just super excited to be given a cock to play with. All smiles with the cutest of giggles, she is very enthusiastic to show off her thong panties and how much she just loves to tease.

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