Jenna Foxx

Super sexy Jenna Foxx is our latest Pantyjob newbie. Standing at 5′ 7″ this Canadian export has an infectious smile and a butt that makes you pay attention. Her lovely backside is covered, lucky for us, in a pair of pink lace high-cuts. Tight enough to show off her curves, loose enough to allow for our stud’s cock to slide in unencumbered.

Jenna is an enthusiastic panty grinder and she takes to it well. Once she starts to see the effect her teasing is having on her co-star she ramps up her attack and gets to a more fevered grinding regimen. The view off her ass in reverse cowgirl with bubble butt bouncing away is to die for and judging by the groans of our stud he is close to it.

Fans will love the exuberance and putting htemselves in teh place of our stud as it is obvious to all he is enjoying this a bit more than your typical porn scene. Jenna is a delight and her all natural curvy figure accentuated by the lovely lace panties that she is wearing is 100% must see TV.

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